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Friday, April 23, 2010

Chocolate Rolls

I can't believe I never thought of this before.  It's the combination of chocolate and yufka, which is the Turkish phyllo pastry for making börek.  I love chocolate, as you can probably tell by now.  I always have some cooking chocolate in my kitchen somewhere, if I haven't eat them at some point.  The phyllo pastry is something, I could never find in the supermarkets here in Switzerland, until few years ago.  I used to buy them once in a while from a Turkish food shop or in some gourmet stores in Zurich.  In the last few years, they started showing up in the big supermarkets first and now I can find them almost in any food stores.  However, I still think like that I find gold when I see them, so I generally end up buying 3-4 packs and then put them in the freezer at home.  If I want to make a börek, I just take the pastry out of the freezer couple of hours before I have to prepare (until now I didn't attempt to make baklava as it seemed too complicated but I will for sure let you know about my experiences if I do).  This came up only because I took out two packs of pastry out of my freezer, but then decided two of them will be too much to make a börek so I made this.  It's the idea of the cigarette börek (a famous Turkish recipe), but instead of cheese, I put chocolate and some other things.  I wasn't sure what to call it.  Chocolate heaven, chocolate baklava, chocolate börek... chocolate rolls was the winner in the end. These things are super delicious.  Believe me, you won't regret it if you try them.

(Makes 25) 

8 Turkish (or Greek) phyllo pastry (Yufka) - The sizes of these pastries are generally different everywhere.  I used 20x30cm rectangular ones and cut them into triangle shapes (see photo below).  In some shops you can even find triangle shaped ones in packs. 
200 g dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids)
115 ml half fat cream (1/2 cup)
2 tablespoons of coconut flakes
2 tablespoons of crushed almonds
1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar
50 g butter
1 tablespoon of milk
1 tablespoon of water

Put the cream in a sauce pan and bring it to boil over medium heat.  Take the cream off the heat once it's boiling.  Break your chocolate into little pieces and stir them into the hot cream to melt.  Add the coconut flakes, crushed almonds and vanilla sugar to the chocolate-cream mixture, then set it aside.  Melt the butter in a separate pan and add the milk and water in it after it's melted.  Prepare your pastries in triangles as in the picture above.  Once your pastry is ready, brush the melted butter mixture all over the pastry.  Put a tablespoon of the chocolate mixture on the long side of the pastry as pictured above and spread it a little bit.  First fold the ends from outside to the inside, so that the chocolate will not leak outside when you roll it.  After that, roll the pastry up.  Place the rolled pastry on a baking sheet and brush it over with the butter mixture.  This will give them a golden color once they are baked.  Repeat the same until you use all the pastry.  Bake them in a preheated oven at 180° C(356° F) for about 15 minutes.  Once they are done leave them to cool for a while.  I found them more delicious after they were really cooled down.  Enjoy your chocolate treat.

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  1. Wonderful recipe. Decadent use of phyilo dough. Thank you for sharing. Cheers!