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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pear Tart

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you all had a good start to 2011.
Do you have some recipes that you cook every now and then? I have a few and I have already written some of those on this blog.  This is another one that I make very often.  It's a Swiss recipe and I learned this from my husband.  It's one of those easy dishes, where you can easily substitute the ingredients if you don't have everything listed.  If you buy the ready puff pastry as well or a ready tart base, then the dish becomes super practical.  You can also make this tart with apples, plums, apricots, different berries, etc.  Quark and yogurt can be replaced with cream or with each other, you can just use only yogurt or just quark.
This tart just taste delicious because it is a very light dessert. It shouldn't be too sweet but depending on the type of fruit you use, you may want to add another tablespoon of sugar to the filling if you'd like. 

(Makes 8 portions)

1 round fresh puff pastry (33cm - app 13'')
2 tablespoons of grounded hazelnuts

4 tablespoons of Yogurt
1 cup of milk
3 tablespoons of Quark
2+1 tablespoons of sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
2 tablespoons of flour
4 medium sized pears
1 egg

Start by putting your pastry in a tart tin, preferably over a baking sheet.  With the help of a fork make few holes on the pastry.  Spread the grounded nuts over the pastry and leave it aside. 
To prepare your filling,  mix the quark, yogurt, milk, 2 tablespoons of sugar, vanilla sugar, flour and 1 egg in a bowl by using a whisker.  
Pour the filling in the tart base you have prepared before. 
Peel the pears, take the seeds out and slice them into 1/2 cm pieces. Arrange the pear slices over the filling. They will be a little bit dipped into the filling but that's alright. You can also spread them randomly over the filling if you prefer.  
Sprinkle the left over tablespoon of sugar over the pear slices.  Bake the tart in preheated oven 180° C(356° F) for 40-45 minutes until the crust is golden brown. 


  1. These pear tart looks decadent and delicious! I might ahve to substitute in apples because I'm not really a pear fan, but that shouldn't be a problem, right?

  2. Not at all.. Try adding a bit cinnamon.. it's delicious with apples.